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About Assistance For Life

We are dedicated to helping older adults and their families by applying professional management to their personal care needs. 

Assistance for Life believes that everyone deserves quality care and client needs always remain our top priority.


Our goal is to help people maintain the quality of life they deserve and desire by providing support to them and their families as they take on the myriad of issues related to aging.     

Our Team


Nikki Zeldin

Owner, Aging Life Care Professional

​•    Bachelors Degree in Communication Studies, UNCW

With 10 years experience as an International Adoption Program Manager, Nikki brings a unique background to Assistance for Life Care Management.  Her involvement in over 700 child placements gave her invaluable experience guiding families through important life transitions.  She understands the importance of handling time sensitive and emotionally charged information with calm and compassionate professionalism.  Nikki is eager to see Assistance for Life Care Management reach the many people in need of care throughout eastern North Carolina.  With her support and customer service skills, we are sure our care managers will be positioned to excel.

Noa Alper Bar Mitzvah Edits00071 3.jpg

Noa Alper, OTR/L, MSRS

Owner, Aging Life Care Professional

•    Masters degree in Rehabilitation Sciences, Occupational Therapy, Medical University of South Carolina
•    Bachelors Degree in Psychology, Washington University in St. Louis


A licensed Occupational Therapist since 2005, Noa has experience working in an inpatient rehabilitation setting for 5 years and home health therapy for 8 years. In both of these areas Noa gained experience working with interdisciplinary teams, client discharge planning, and home safety evaluations. She has always been a proponent of communication between clients, caregivers and the medical team. In the home health setting, Noa found that therapy and medical recommendations were often made but not followed through in the long term. When Noa found out about Assistance for Life Care Management Services she knew she wanted to be a part of it. Being able to advocate and guide people while ensuring they live as independently and safely as possible was a natural next step in her career. 


Shelby Brown, OTR/L

Aging Life Care Professional

•    Masters Degree in Occupational Therapy, Washington University in St. Louis

•    Bachelors Degree in Public Relations, University of South Carolina

Shelby’s experience working as an Occupational Therapist across various active adult communities sparked her interest in patient advocacy and care management for the senior population. She found that building strong relationships with clients and their families, while helping them navigate the complex healthcare system, to be the most rewarding part of patient care. She is excited to bring her unique skillset, holistic lens, and commitment to excellent care to the Assistance for Life team. Shelby is passionate about empowering individuals to maintain a fulfilling quality of life during their senior years.


Andrew Zeldin, MS Gerontology

Founder, Aging Life Care Professional

•    Masters Degree in Gerontology, UNCW

•    Geriatric Care Management Graduate Certificate, University of Florida

Andrew Zeldin founded Assistance for Life Care Management in January, 2013 as he was finishing his Masters Degree in Gerontology at UNCW.  Andrew's experience as a teenager included a time when his grandmother, Edith, lived at the family home. Andrew observed his parents managing her care, and those experiences helped shape his views on the way all members of society should be looked after.  Andrew's goal in founding Assistance for Life Care Management was to help older adults and their families navigate the myriad of issues related to aging.  Whether it be transitioning from one living environment to another, or one state of health and well-being to another, Assistance for Life aims to guide clients through difficult decisions in a professional and personal way.



Pat M. 

Wilmington NC 



With our aging population, Assistance for Life Care Management is the kind of consulting firm that should be easy to find. But in Southeastern North Carolina they seem to be one of a kind. Fortunately, they’re the best imaginable. 


A year ago it became clear that my loved one needed supervision and living assistance in a clinical environment. I desperately needed expert consultation, and the stress of moving her to a suitable facility was more than I could deal with. Nikki and Noa helped us find exactly the right place and completely orchestrated a difficult transition that went as well as it could. 


More importantly, we continue to rely on their services for supplementary caretaking. In particular, they interact regularly with my loved one and the facility staff to be independently sure that everything is going well. Because they have other clients at the same facility, they know the “ins and outs” far better than I ever could. 


Nikki and Noa are truly beautiful human beings, and have become great friends to me. No request goes unattended, and weekly written reports (more often when necessary) give enormous peace of mind, even when the news isn’t so good. Their care for me has given me the opportunity to develop some much-needed detachment from a painful situation, with perfect confidence. 


All this, even though my loved one now lives only 15 miles away! If I lived at a distance, all this would be unimaginably valuable. 


I can’t express how grateful I am for their assistance. Very strongly recommended!

Our Team
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