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Driving Fitness Program


Comprehensive driving evaluations to determine an optimal transportation plan

In collaboration with Southeastern Driver Training Center

The Driving Fitness Program, is targeted towards helping individuals and their families manage that difficult question,


Should I or my loved one be driving?

Who does our program benefit?

  • Targeted towards individuals with medical conditions impacting community mobility

  • Clients and families interested in pursuing a safe transportation plan

What does our program include?

  • Two-Part evaluation:

    1. A comprehensive clinical Occupational Therapy evaluation of cognition, vision, motor and sensory processing skills

    2. On-road evaluation by a Licensed Driving Instructor (if indicated, based on results of clinical OT evaluation) 

  • Direct collaboration and communication with physicians and families

  • Physician order for occupational therapy evaluation is required


What Makes our program effective?

  • We are building our program on evidence-based practice and the best research available

  • We value collaboration with our clients and families to create a client centered process of evaluation and exploration of an optimal transportation plan

  • We seek the expertise and mentorship of our state and national professional organizations including, ROADI (Research for Older Adult Driver Initiative)

What if I need to stop driving?

  • The goals of this program is to provide a comprehensive, client-centered evaluation to determine the appropriate fit of person, family and transportation options in order to maximize community mobility and engagement in meaningful community activities and relationships. 

  • It is vital to the health of you or your loved one to remain active and involved in your community as long as possible; we are dedicated to ensuring you are able to do this safely and effectively.

  • Client and family counseling provided to determine optimal alternative transportation options to enable continued independence and engagement in meaningful activities 

For more information about the Driving Fitness Program

please contact us!

Assessment Address: 

5022-C Wrightsville Ave, Wilmington, NC 28403

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